Congratulations to the Winners
of the 2000 Alberta Classic

All (i.e. 100%) entry fees returned to you as prize money in a 30% 20% 10% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% split for the ace** birds:
  • 1st ace bird: $5 760.- for Andy Skrobot's 38413
  • 2nd ace bird: $3 840.- for Bjorn Bjornson's 333
  • 3rd ace bird: $1 920.- for Cal Murray's 9417
  • 4th ace bird: $ 960.- for Terrance Reimer's 8155
  • 5th ace bird: $ 960.- for Makowecki&Petzold's 3493
  • 6th ace bird: $ 960.- for Ken Moore's 3337
  • 7th ace bird: $ 960.- for Art McLean's 334
  • 8th ace bird: $ 960.- for Gerry Yeatheard's 3824
  • 9th ace bird: $ 960.- for G&G Loft's 135
  • 10th ace bird: $ 960.- for Leo Sonnenberg's 439
  • 11th ace bird: $ 960.- for Louis&Casey's 212
  • Total: $19 200.-

    Race fees for the year 2000: $100.- / bird to be paid no later than at the time of shipping the birds. Enter 3 and send another one free! 100% of your entry fees are returned to you as prize money. There are no perch fees. Birds will be accepted in the month of May only. Since we have only 250 perches, it would be prudent to reserve your perches early for the year 2000 by sending in the non-refundable entry fee. All birds entered become the property of Sportsman's Open R.P.O. except those bought back for an additional $50.- at the time of shipping. Return shipping expenses are the owner's responsibility! All other birds finishing the race program will be auctioned off to the highest bidder right here on this site. The proceeds of this auction will be used entirely to cover the costs of organizing and conducting this race program. All fees paid are non- refundable in case of the loss of the entry regardless of the circumstances surrounding this loss. While visitors on race days are welcome, direct access to the birds cannot be permitted to anyone until the final auction. Updated results will be published here within a few hours after each race is closed .

    To summarize, the birds fly to one loft, are timed in with an electronic "Tauris" timer and graded according to the total time used in all 4 races.We use the darkening system.

    Race schedule for the year 2000:

    (The dates needed to be changed due to the catastrophic toss.)

    August 19, 2000: ca. 150 miles or ca. 4 hours on the wing

    August 26, 2000: ca. 220 miles or ca. 6 hours on the wing

    September 9, 2000: ca. 300 miles or ca. 8 hours on the wing

    September 16, 2000: ca. 400 miles or ca. 10 hours on the wing

    The race direction is from the SE, which generally makes this a head wind course. The race dates are tentative at best as birds will not be liberated into unsuitable weather. The race distance to any of these races may also be increased due to tail winds or decreased due to strong head winds. We are trying to make this a long distance series and would like to have the birds work for ca. 10 hours in the last two races. "Timeout" for the night is defined as the time between 1 hour after sunset and 1 hour before sunrise.

    *based on an entry of 200 paid birds.

    **the bird which required the least time to fly all 4 races

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