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Alberta Classic Shipping Instructions for 2001

Ship the birds between April 15th and May 31st
Before one
            rushes to throw a few "squeakers " into a
            box and ship it off to whatever young bird derby one
            fancies, it is perhaps best to think about how one
            could have an advantage on the competition:
The birds should have been weaned at least 1 week prior to shipping. This will assure that the the young bird does not succumb to the cumulative stresses associated with weaning, shipping and relocation. Furthermore, an older young bird generally has a better developed immune system and can therefore tolerate better the shipping and relocation stresses. Remember that stress lowers immunity to disease.
The youngsters should be healthy but above all should have the genetic endowment to perform well as young birds. "One cannot make a silk purse out of sow's ears ".
To save on shipping expenses, ship with your neighbors as one shipment. It does not matter whether the birds are in different boxes or not, they just need to come as one shipment. No neighbors to ship with? Recruit some! There is no other derby in the world without perch fees and 100% of all entry fees paid back to the participants. Think about it.
Every trip to the airport takes ca. 3 hours of driving. To make this system more efficient, all birds should arrive on Monday evening or Tuesday evening, whenever possible. Thank you for your consideration.
PS:WestJet has much more reasonable fees than Air Canada in 2001.

Please phone the airline the day before the planned shipping to get a waybill number and reserve a space for your birds. It's easy to find an excuse for not accepting your cardboard box if there isn't space on the aircraft left for you. I like to add lots of ventilation and cover the inside of the holes with landscape fabric which lets the air through but not the bird's head. Use silicone glue to stick it to the box.

Here's an example of the pet carrier one of our friends had to buy before he was allowed to ship his bird to the Alberta Classic derby. It was shipped back in the fall with some birds from our auction.

Ship all birds fully prepaid to:

Sportsman's Open R.P.O.

c/o Dr. Karl Frank

12523-129 Ave.Edmonton, AB

T5L 4L5

Phone on arrival: (780) 452-5525 or (780) 973-3411


An example of what not to do:

too small
Some poor birds had to travel in this much too low container, unable to stretch their neck or legs. We may complain about some overzealous airline personnel insisting on outrageous requirements but this example here is even worse as it is cruel to the birds.

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