The Stars of the 2003 Alberta Classic:

Peter Toth's
CU 2003 S'Land 1025
winning 1st overall and $8 850.-

Marvin Gilewicz's

CU 2003 REGINA 997
winning 2nd overall and $5 950.-

F&K Cesario's

CU 2003 EDM 2702
winning 3rd overall and $2 950.-

Stan Gawel's

CU 2003 Gawel 183
winning 4th overall and $1 475.-

Jim Knox's

CU 2003 EDM 402
winning 5th overall and $1 475.-

Compass Loft's

CU 2003 EDM 2310
winning 6th overall and $1 475.-

F&K Cesario's

CU 2003 EDM 2737
winning 7th overall and $1 475.-

Dan Horner's

CU 2003 LIFTLOCK 672
winning 8th overall and $1 475.-

Carlyle Smith's

CU 2003 25005
winning 9th overall and $1 475.-

Bob Duhra's

CU 2003 CAL 1784
winning 10th overall and $1 475.-

Ken George's

CU 2003 6987
winning 11th overall and a Professional Version of Hawkeye Loft Management System software

Bill Harris'

CU 2003 MJ 3503
winning 12th overall and a Professional Version of Hawkeye Loft Management System software

Voyo R. & Mike v. d. Jagt's

CU 2003 HAM CENT 1906
winning the 1st race and $295.-

Paul Zaroski's

CU 2003 9584
winning the 2nd race and $295.-

Voyo R. & Mike v. d. Jagt's

CU 2003 HAM CENT 1906
winning the 3rd race and $295.-

Joe & Celia Visscher's

CU 2003 CHWK 205
winning the 4th race and $590.-
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Below are your comments:
Sunday January 4, 2004
Larry Long
Davenport, Iowa USA
Hi, I enjoy looking at the pictures of the winners and it would be more enjoyable if there was information and background about each entry. I never tire of reading what families and crosses are doing well in these races. Happy New Year, Larry
Sunday January 4, 2004
Roland Zacharias
Cardiff, Alberta
Congratulations to all of the above winners!! Also Congratulations to Karl and this site for being the very best combination of Pigeon racing and computer technology put together anywhere. may both continue for a long, long time.
Monday January 12, 2004
Anthony Schalkwyk
Kokstad, Kwa Zulu Natal
I,find it very fascinating looking at these beautiful pigeons,and I hope that I will also succeed in this sport as a novice,I know its hard work but with the help of you people I know I will succeed. Thank you
Wednesday January 14, 2004
Roland Zacharias
Cardiff, Alberta
CU EDM 2310 above is a Half-brother to last years winner from Saskatoon EDM 4316, who also was 3rd overall. Both of them are sons of OKV 117 of 2001. She was 4th overall in 01. Karl always said "like begets like" and maybe this is starting to show.
Saturday January 24, 2004
Carlyle Smith
halifax, nova scotia
As a Novice to the sport, I am finding there is quite a bit to learn. The challenge I find is to get good information. Karl's site has useful, practical guides that have assisted me greatly. Thank you Karl. Your site, including this page, are very useful and most appreciated. Also, my best to all participants in the 2004 races.
Tuesday November 23, 2004
Allan Blackburn
North East, Maryland
I enjoyed your site very much. Good informations & tipe given. Would like a list of birds that are available. Thaanks Allan Blackburn

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