Loft Renovation 2003:

Utilizing 1" X 1" black netting on the front allows us to open this complete wall for the birds to fly out for exercise, rather than having them fly through a small hole which could result in injuries.
Injuries certainly would discourage the birds from going out.
All perches have been changed to the V-type which will hopefully assist in keeping the loft clean. The floor is covered with 3/4" X 3/4" hardware cloth, hopefully allowing the droppings to fall through to the 3 foot high, very well ventilated area below.
A wire floor allows us to clean the solid plywood floor thoroughly. This floor forms part of the area used for basketing.
I find that this drinker is probably the best for teaching young ones. The birds can see others drinking and the wire floor prevents the water from getting contaminated by droppings being blown in.
This same drinker finds a good use also for offering various kinds of grit and minerals. Again, no contamination due to the wire floor.
A thin net kept taut with a chain threaded through the bottom will keep the birds confined whenever needed.
It allows us to "walk" the birds with the help of 4 foot X 8 foot Corroplast sheets into this area prior to basketing.
Our trailer is backed up to this opening on the right and the birds will just walk into the trailer with a minimum amount of stress for all involved.

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