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The New Alberta Classic Young Bird Derby
(Reservations for the birds to be shipped May 31st, 2006)

All birds entered become the property of the Alberta Classic Derby except those bought back for an additional $50.- at the time of shipping. Surviving "buy-backs" will be returned to the owner upon completion of the race schedule (1 hr & 2 hrs & 3 hrs & 3 hrs & 4 hrs & 10 hrs on the wing). Return shipping expenses are the owner's responsibility.
All (i.e. 100%) entry fees are returned to you as prize money in a
30% 20% 10% 10% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% split for the ace birds.
If we lose your bird before the final race (10 hrs on the wing) you get a full refund of the entry and perch fee of $150.-, provided such loss is not due to PMV.
No bird should contact PMV as it is each owner's responsibility to vaccinate each bird when it is 26 days old.
While visitors on race days are welcome, direct access to the birds cannot be permitted to anyone until the final auction. Updated results will be published here within a few hours after each race is closed. To summarize, the birds fly to one loft, are timed in with an electronic "Tauris" timer and graded according to the total time used in all 6 races.

Major changes were made to the Alberta Classic Derby for the year 2006:

The best schedule would be: The above rules are for the benefit of your birds and you.

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