Congratulations to the 1999 Alberta Classic Winners!

First Prize: $5017.50 for Keith Messenger
Second Prize: $2230.- for Bjorn Bjornson
Second Prize: $2230.-for Black - Mac Lofts
Fourth Prize: $1115.- for Leo Sonnenberg
Fifth Prize: $ 557.50 for Keith Messenger

On this site you will find everything and anything connected with Canada's most exciting derby, The Alberta Classic. You can find the birds entered in this year's competition or the results following the races. Perhaps you are interested in how we manage these birds or how you may participate in next year's Alberta Classic. The shipping instructions are easy enough to follow. Any questions or comments are always welcome. We do like to share our ideas with you and provide links to other sites which take you to almost any site even remotely connected with this beautiful hobby of ours, pigeon racing. And once this year's competitions are over, you may take a look at the performance birds available through our online auction.You can visit this year's winners and through a simple click on the names get in touch with their breeders. A one loft derby with multiple races means: The race results are a true reflection of the genetic material as all else is identical. The only differences are the genes. Do you think that you have the birds that are good enough to win it?
Sorry, but all 1999 contestants are already in the loft. Sit back and watch how the birds compete right here on this site and witness how superior genetic potential manifests itself. Clicking on the management takes you to the day to day activities which will allow you to follow the flock's progress. Clicking on the results will show you how individual birds distinguish themselves.

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