The 1998 Alberta Classic Winners are:

This bird, 0978 CU 98 EDM ,won $2137.50 for the following performance:

80 km: 6th

130 km: 2nd

200 km: 2nd

280 km: 2nd

320 km: 7th

500 km: 25th

0978 is the first ace bird of 1998 and was bred and entered by Jim Phelan of Edmonton, Alberta.

The entry above is by Greg Vogt and Fred Goodchild of Calgary, Alberta and is the 1998 second ace bird. 81101 CU 98 CAL won $1187.50 for the following performance:

80 km: 28th

130 km: 20th

200 km: 5th

320 km: 36th

500 km: 2nd

Here you see 3801 CU 98 EDM, entered by Alex Hovjacky and bred by F&K Cesario, both of Edmonton, Alberta. This bird won $712.50 for being the 1998 third ace bird, awarded for the following performance:

80 km: 21st

200 km: 4th

280 km: 4th

320 km: 11th

500 km: 24th

2839 CU 98 BRC was entered by Ron Weber of North Battleford, Saskatchewan, and won fourth ace bird and $475.- for the following performance:

80 km: 1st

200 km: 10th

320 km: 4th

500 km: 17th

John Stevenson's entry, 80848 CU 98 Cal, won $237.50 and fifth overall for this performance:

80 km: 5th

200 km: 3rd

280 km: 13th

320 km: 36th

500 km: 12th

John Stevenson is from Calgary, Alberta.

And last, but not least, let me introduce our 500 km winner, 2811 CU 98 EDM, bred by Roland Zacharias of Edmonton, Alberta.: This hen came all by herself 5 minutes ahead of the competition after 10.5 hours on the wing. She certainly was a welcome sight for all of us waiting for the birds.
She is the grandmother of CU 2001 EDM 3260, winner of 2nd overall and $2460.- in the 2001 Alberta Classic Derby. We succeeded in keeping him in the Alberta Classic Stock Loft to breed entries for participants.
"Like begets like..."

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