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Nigel Cowood's Eye Sign

The following represents my interpretation of a video released by Nigel Cowood:
Nigel Cowood shares many ideas with Josef Hofmann, a German eye sign enthusiast.

Nigel Cowood looks for:

a pupil
the eye sign circle
with speed lines
and distance lines
a thick, cratered, junky iris with a big step
toward the eye sign circle

with breeding grooves and craters

Eye sign is useful for getting a higher percentage of good flying birds than by using some other methods. The problem with pairing birds with a well developed iris together is that the iris of the offspring begins to overflow onto the eye sign circle and eventually obliterate it.
It is therefore best to pair a breeding eye to a racing eye which will produce many good racers and the odd good breeder.
The iris in a racing eye is flat and of uniform color.

The iris in a dual purpose eye or a breeding eye is built up and shows lines and craters with a large step down toward the eye sign circle.

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