Fight or Flight Response All of the body's resources are allocated toward the immediate survival.
The adrenal gland enlarges The medulla secretes epinephrine
The cortex secretes adrenal cortical hormones
  • increases the blood glucose level, fuel for muscles and brain, by mobilizing the glycogen stores in muscle and liver.
  • increases blood pressure
  • increases heart rate
  • increases heart muscle contraction
  • increases cardiac output
  • dilates the pupil
Adrenal Cortical Hormones
    • Conserve energy and raw materials needed for the immediate survival
    • Inhibit the body's self healing mechanisms such as
      the inflammatory response and
      the immune system
    • Inhibit digestion and assimilation
Having stopped the peristaltic movements to pass feed along the digestive tract, it will now be easy for the resident bacterial flora in the absence of any immune response to proliferate.

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